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Hannapak’s state of the art production facility is based just 60 minutes drive from Sydney’s CBD and is home to some of the latest packaging technologies available on the market.

Production Process

Step 1: Sheeting
Our unique production process begins by sheeting our own board into custom sizes from stock reels to minimising waste and maximising efficiency. This is achieved through our multiple in-house sheeting lines, which utilise twin knife, dual web sheeting technology.


Step 2: Printing
Now that the board is cut to size we can begin the printing process. Our offset lithographic printing machines, complete with inline technologies for up to seven colour printing, UV or conventional varnishes, foiling, and inline application of multiple coatings, offer our customers the highest printing quality available. Inline camera inspection and colour control ensures consistency, however for ultimate peace of mind on new projects we encourage our customers to carry out on-press approvals.


Step 3: Die-cutting
The printed sheets are ready to be die-cut. Using Power Registration for the perfect print-to-cut and waste minimisation the flatbed Bobst machine cuts, creases, embosses, debosses or reverse scores the carton blanks with pinpoint accuracy, large and small.


Step 4: Gluing
Our innovative gluing lines feature high levels of automation throughout the entire process. The multi-point and multi-directional gluing capabilities offer greater flexibility for different packaging sizes and styles. Within this final production stage we provide window application and a range of inline technologies such as code reading, leaflet insertion, security tagging, unique code application and labeling.